Reading Week @ CUAG: Art museums + artists online

It’s Reading Week here at Carleton University.

Since we don’t get the week off, I thought I’d get CUAG into the spirit! This week, I’ll be posting a few interesting articles, blog posts, and videos about a particular topic or debate in the art world.

It’s not assigned reading, and there will be no test. They’re here for you to check out if you’re interested, or need a break. Because who are we kidding, your break is going to be more internet, right?

Today, I’ve compiled a bunch of interesting articles and videos about the internet and it’s influence on the art world - particularly individual artists and art galleries. I’ve also included a few choice art blogs, tumblrs, and twitterers. Enjoy!

*BONUS Procrastination Links!*

Art Blogs: Artinfo // The Art Blog // Art Fag City // Hyperallergic // Walker Art Center Visual Arts Blog // IMA Blog

Art Tumblrs: Third of May // SFMOMA // Public Art Fund // Sculpture Center // Lapham’s Quarterly

Art Twitterers: @Museumnerd // @artsbeat // @agotoronto // @gallerydotca // @slateartguide

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